You need to check your CV over and over again to make sure that your CV That Works isn't being rejected unnecessarily. With so many more people now going after each and every job, you have to be sure it is doing the job you need it to. Of course, using a professional CV writing service can and does help you but this series of tips will keep you right if you can't afford the cash right now

A CV is definitely not the place to express your particular brand of individuality. Avoid bright colours, cheap paper, crazy fonts and the like. If you are printing out your CV, print it out onto excellent quality paper, with matching envelope. Black print on a white or beige background is the norm- deviate from it at your absolute peril

Did you know that you have only 20-30 seconds in which to make an impression with your CV. You will make an impression, it is up to you to make sure that the impression is favourable. A personal profile or career statement can do that job for you. Make it easy for the reader to want to know more about you. Omit this information and the reader has to work harder for the information that they expect to see immediately

People nowadays are interested in excellence. Having a CV that details boring responsibilities that you should have done anyway as part of your job is a turn off. Focus on your personal and team achievements and you will place yourself way ahead of the vast majority of the rest of the applicants. Achievements as opposed to responsibilities separate the good from the bad and the ugly. Check your CV and see what you are actually saying about yourself

Stupid email addresses are another surprisingly common reason for CV rejection. You should include a sober email address, with perhaps your name and a few numbers in the address. Avoid anything racy, racist, sexy, funky, etc., in your email. Get yourself a boring email address and make sure that you check it frequently

Hobbies and interests are slightly important only on your CV. Inclusion of ridiculous pastimes or ones that clearly take up a lot of time are not, however a good idea. While you may think that going on six month expeditions is important, an employer will think that you won't be around working for them very much- your CV goes straight into the bin. Be smart and include sensible hobbies- or leave them out

Failure to read a job description thoroughly will get you rejected. The reason is that your cover letter should sell your experience and achievements to make sure that you tick all the boxes. If you want to, adapt your CV to the job in hand, perhaps a better way is to get a great cover letter written that gets you through the door. It makes all the difference in the world

People rely on spell checking all the time nowadays. This makes people a little lazy. Spell checkers won't get a person's name spelled correctly. This is such a common mistake that I thought that people would have learned by now. Spell the recruiters name wrong and watch a stream of rejection letters come through your letterbox- if you get anything back at all!